Warmth Therapy is Relaxing and Calming for Body and Soul

During the winter months many people are suffering from muscle tension and back- or joint pains caused by cold temperatures. There are easy and effective ways to relieve aches and pains naturally. One method is the use of warmth.

Warmth helps

Warmth extends the blood vessels. The connective tissue is better supplied with blood and important oxygen. Already 104 degrees intensifies not only the superficial blood circulation of the body but also those of the deeper lying muscle groups.

Warmth has a direct and indirect analgesic effect: It restrains the direct transmission of the stimuli to the pain center in the brain and relaxes the muscles at the same time.

What only some people know

A specific application of warmth can actually relieve various kinds of aches and pains persistantly and may be as effective as chemical prescription- free painkillers, such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Acetaminophen and others- and completely without negative side effects!

Already our great- grandparents knew about the healing power of warmth especially applied to relieve pain. Nowadays, the modern medicine uses warm therapy, also known as ‘Thermotherapy’, one of the most efficient pain treatment options.

It is scientifically proven that warm therapy helps relieve multiple kinds of pains, especially such as muscle pains and cramps due to tension or overuse; it also supports the osseous healing, stimulates the metabolism, helps lowering the blood pressure, aids preventing common cold and much more. Besides, warmth has an extremely relaxing and recreating effect on the psyche.


The usual techniques to apply warmth are heating pads, hot water bottles, hot compresses, warming creams or lotions, bathing therapy, body wrapping, saunas and others. Though, ointments which produce a warm feeling on the skin, damp the sensation of pain. However, they do not warm up the deeper lying muscels.

The beneficial bath

A hot bath is relaxation pur. From a temperature higher then 100 degrees the body begins to relax and to get tired. Besides, with a couple of ‘sleeping aromas’ you leave the stress of the day behind. Take a handful of dried basil, lavender and lemon grass, bind it together, wrap it into a cloth and hang this bundle into the bath water.

Squeeze it frequently and rub your body with these herbs. You may also use rosmary, thyme or sage. These plants are known for their soothing effect.

Or Take a Relaxing Warm Shower!

Taking a shower can more than only clean the skin: It makes your body fit as well as your mind, tightens the connective tissue and relaxes the soul. With a few tricks and the right accessories you can enjoy the perfect spa feeling at home.

Stimulating, comforting or relaxing, having a shower can stimulate the entire organism and makes water to a source of power.

Warm bath

Thermal stimuli, mechanical stimuli and the aromatic fragrants of essential oils and lotions are factors which strengthen the body and influence the mood. And the better the equipment, the better are the options of usage: Special shower heads permit even professional massages and effective therapies.

If you want to refresh yourself, it’s already sufficient to stay just 1 or 2 minutes under the shower at a water temperature of less than 70 degrees. If you wish a soothing effect, you should select a temperature up to 98 degrees and enjoy the warm waterfall for about 8 minutes.

If you need a relaxing effect, you should choose a temperature of about 104 degrees for up to 5 minutes. Use additional essential oils, made of herbs such as already mentioned before, and you will feel the absolute soothing and pain-relieving effect.

Warm therapy is the best alternative to chemical painkillers and beneficial for body and soul. Additionally, it’s very affordable if you pamper yourself with warmth at home.