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Adult Acne: Truth, Myths and Treatment of Acne in Adults

We’d all love to have the energy of a 16 year old. We’d be thrilled to have the waistline we had in highschool. And yet, there is one aspect of being teens that we don’t miss: having acne.

Acne, that bane of our senior year, can unfortunately come back to haunt our in our senior years. And it can also strike those individuals who had no skin problems in their youth.

Many people say “I’m 60 years old – why am I breaking out like a teenager?”

The late-blooming condition is known as acne rosacea (pronounced rose-ay-shah), and while it has little in common with the teen-age variety of acne, it still has the same effect on the surface – red, blotchy, inflamed spots on the face, neck and even shoulders. Except this time, we don’t outgrow it.

teen-age variety of acne

Once it sets in, acne rosacea can’t be cured. It can, however, be controlled. It is certainly a treatable situation and there is successful treatment for it.

Acne rosacea is actually one of the most common skin problems, according to area dermatologists. About 5 percent to 8 percent of the population gets it, and on average dermatologists see between six and eight patients a week with acne rosacea.

Most are over 40 when rosacea first appears, and thought their acne years were far behind them. While there are those same unsightly pimples, there are no blackheads with acne rosacea, because it doesn’t involve the oil glands in the skin.

The exact cause of acne rosacea is, as yet, not completely known. It’s definitely a skin infection, but the agent hasn’t been isolated. Sometimes, we can be going along, not doing anything wrong, and we’ll have a flare of acne rosacea.

A probable candidate for acne rosacea are people who embarass easily. People who flush or blush often tend to be more prone to the condition, based on some newer studies. Things that trigger a blush response are spicy foods, hot beverages, caffeine, exposure to sunlight.

They can also aggravate acne rosacea. But it’s a myth that acne rosacea is a sign of heavy drinking. While alcohol can be a factor, there’s no indication that it’s a cause in rosacea.

The danger lies in ignoring acne rosacea or hoping it will go away on its own. While it won’t develop into anything life-threatening, rosacea can become severe enough that it causes permanent skin changes.

Unfortunately, when we wait, that’s when we see the permanent changes in the skin that are hard to erase.

Especially on men, acne rosacea can produce the bulbous, reddened nose typified by 1920s comedian W.C. Fields, a well-known acne rosacea sufferer.


He helped begin the myth that the ruddy complexion and red nose were trademarks of the chronic drunk.

Spider veining near the surface of the skin can become more pronounced with rosacea. Eyes, too, can be affected by acne rosacea, leaving them red and itching.

People think they have an infection in their eyes. They burn all the time, and it’s something that definitely needs treatment.

Acne rosacea can be controlled in most cases. The standard treatment is an oral antibiotic, usually tetracycline, coupled with a topical cream or gel made with a second antibiotic, metronitozal.

If treatment starts early enough, the person often can stop oral drugs, though the topical treatments will probably have to continue indefinitely.

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Teenagers: Don’t Let Acne Keep You From Having Fun

Few things cause so much worry and distress to growing youngsters as adolescent pimples or acne. This skin disease comes at at time when teens are terribly sensitive about their personal appearance.

Friends, particularly those of the opposite sex, are becoming more and more important and the presence of acne adds to the difficulty of growing from childhood into adult life.

Only a small proportion of those afflicted with acne develop permanent scarring of the face, but the pimples themselves produce an excessive shyness and self-consciousness.

Acne face

Some people develop a permanent inferiority complex as a result of acne.

Acne is mostly prevalent on the face, neck, upper part of the chest and shoulders. The pimple usually starts as a reddish lump which is quite tender to touch.

It then often develops into a whitehead, which is a mixture of pus, germs, skin oil and destroyed tissue. The pimple is sometimes near the surface of the skin, and at other times quite deep in the skin.

In the milder cases, the pimples are spaced rather widely apart, and are near the surface. In most severe cases, on the other hand, they are closer together, break out more frequently and are deeper into the skin.

When a whitehead forms, the top of the skin finally breaks open, the pus leaks, a crust then forms and the healing is slowly taking place. Unfortunately if the pimple has been large and deep, a permanent scar may appear.

Infection alone almost certainly does not explain the development of acne.

Because acne is most common and usually most severe during the teen years, it probably has some relation to the changes in the glands and hormones which take place at the time.

Diet almost always plays a part. Many teens crave sweets, nuts and chocolate, which almost always make acne worse.

A special effort should be made to overcome the self-consciousness caused by acne. Every teen should force himself or herself to take part in social activities, and simply ignore any remarks related to their looks.

Family and friends should be careful not to comment on the appearance of the acne. Commenting every day on whether the acne is better or worse, can only exaggerate the self-consciousness.


Also keep in mind that everyone has various things they are sensitive and not comfortable about and are often as self-conscious about them as acne teens might be about their acne outburst.

Nobody is perfect, not even those tv ads and magazine models, who definitely have self-esteem issues related to their own particular problems.

Some might fight against a fat tummy, others have teeth problems and are shy to smile, yet others feel they are too short or too tall. Nobody is perfect, and this is ok so.

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Limes: The World’s Newest Superfood

Don’t you wish that there could be just one food that covers all the bases of healthful living? Although that may not be possible, we can come close with this recent superfood: limes! This tiny green fruit can be beneficial for both the inside and outside of your body. Let’s look at some of the benefits limes can give us, besides that it is one of the best probiotics.

Vitamin C

Do you remember learning about scurvy? You may think it’s only the dreaded disease of pirates, but many people suffer from it today. Vitamin C is so important for our bodies to function properly.



It strongly defends your immune system and keeps you healthier, longer. It has also been known to improve cardiovascular health, eye care, and even take care of skin wrinkling!

Digestion and Weight Loss

If you struggle with having a balanced digestive system, limes can be the natural cure you’re looking for. When broken down, lime’s oils stimulate the digestive system and increases the digestive juices, acids, and bile that you need for a healthy system.

Lime Water_01

If you tend to become constipated easily, the acids in limes act as a cleanser, and wash out the digestive tracts. For a natural way to cure constipation, drink a mixture of lime juice and salt. This also comes into play with weight loss.

The citric acid in lime is known to be a natural fat burner. Mix the juice with water, drink 2-3 times a day, and watch your body transform!

Skin Care

Lime juice is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your skin. If you feel like your skin is dull or sallow, mix some lime juice into your daily moisturizer. You can even pat it right onto your skin! When applied directly to the skin, it sloughs off dead skin cells, disinfects your pores, and can even get rid of rashes and bruises!

Lime_01In addition, if you want a natural way to reduce body odor, lime juice is also a great quick fix, due to the high level of antioxidants which act as disinfectant.

Respiratory and Urinary Systems

The oil found in limes is well known as a natural anti-congestive. The aroma of lime can open up your passages and help you to breathe! If you’re feeling stuffy, scratch on the skin of a lime and inhale: you’ll be able to breathe again. Another system limes can improve is the urinary system.

Limes are chock full of potassium and can remove toxic substances that will damage your kidneys and bladder. The chances of you getting an infection decrease greatly with the consumptions of limes as well.

Limes are the greatest new superfood. They improve so many parts of your body from your eyes to your bladder. The next time you’re at the grocery store, be sure to stock up on some limes: your body will thank you!

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Skin Care Products that Are Good Enough to Eat

We would all love to afford the most expensive skin care products and treatments. Spas and beauty salons around the world make millions by promising a younger and fresher look.

You might be surprised to hear that you can gain the same results of these world-class establishments often with ingredients in your own kitchen.


We have all likely heard the story of how bad chocolate is for our skin. The complete opposite is actually true. Chocolate is full of antioxidants that are very good for your skin. Antioxidants help stop free radicals from forming, which then slows the aging of the skin.

Chocolate mask_01

To make a chocolate face mask all you need is chocolate, honey, sour cream and oatmeal. Simply take 1/3 cup of cocoa, 1/4 cup of honey, 2 tablespoons of sour cream and 3 teaspoons of oatmeal powder.

Although you might be tempted to eat it don’t. Mix the ingredients together until they are consistent. Massage it into your face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse it away with lukewarm water.

Honey and Cinnamon

According to skin care recipes and remedies Honey and Cinnamon combine together to make a perfect treatment for acne. Cinnamon has many health benefits one of which is its natural antiseptic ability.


Honey is also good for skin inflammation and giving the skin a nice even texture. All you do is mix cinnamon powder in with honey until it is the consistency of a paste. Apply it to your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it away with lukewarm water.

Anyone with sensitive skin should use caution as cinnamon could cause irritation. Apply a small amount to one spot on your skin to see how it reacts.


Ever wonder why so many anti-cellulite creams contain caffeine. It is because caffeine helps pull water from between the fat cells. This does not rid the body of cellulite but makes it less noticeable.


Simply add coffee grounds to any body cream. You’ll have the perfect body scrub. The grounds will help clean and exfoliate the skin while the caffeine will work to lessen the cellulite deposits.

The next time you are in need of some spa like pampering. Why not head to your kitchen and see what you have available. Chances are good you have some natural beauty products stashed away in your cupboard.

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Dos and Dont’s of Skin Care

Aging can be frightening for everyone, male or female. The fear usually sets in when you notice the first laugh lines, and start searching for ways to stop the process. One thing to consider before buying miracle creams and treatments is that most dermatologists agree that aging has less to do with how long you have been alive and more with how you live.

Your lifestyle and habits affect your skin, and the way it ages so, by making a few simple changes in your lifestyle you can help correct and prevent further signs of aging.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep you looking young.


Do Use a Moisturizer.

Aging tends to thin and dry the skin, leaving it more vulnerable to damage. For the best protection use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen. Applying your moisturizer to damp skin will help lock in moisture

Do Drink Plenty of Water.

Water helps flush toxins out of your system leaving your skin looking healthier and even younger. Drinking water also hydrates your skin, which helps plump it up so that wrinkling is less noticeable. It is recommended that women consume a total of 8- 9 cups of water per day.

Drinking Water_01

Do Use a Daily Eye Cream.

The skin around the eyes is very thin which makes the eye area very susceptible to the visible effects of aging. Tiny wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness all center around the eyes. There are many products created specifically to improve the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes, promoting a younger looking face.


Don’t Smoke.

Smokers tend to have wrinkled skin; this is because nicotine tightens blood vessels and limits the flow of oxygen to the skin. Besides all the other health concerns about smoking, it makes you look old. So if you are a smoker consider quitting, and if you aren’t a smoker definitely don’t start.


Neck and Chest.

The neck and chest show signs of aging, even before the face. This is because there are less oil glands in the neck and chest. To improve the look of these areas don’t ignore them when you are applying your daily moisturizer. Look for a moisturizer with retinols, copper or Vitamin C. These are all known ingredients to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Don’t Pull and Rub Your Skin.

As your skin ages it is beginning to show the damage caused by sun, stress, and pollution, pulling and rubbing can reduce elasticity and promote wrinkling and sagging.

There are other daily rituals that will help your skin and entire body looking young. These include making sure to avoid the sun, eating healthy and exercising. Your skin can’t be replaced and your body is the only one you get, so take care of yourself, to ensure that you have a long and healthy life of looking your best.

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How-To: Get Rid of Acne

We’ve all had acne at least one time in our life. Because of this, we all understand the stress and complications of trying to get rid of acne or cover it up. I’m sure if you are reading this, than you have no doubt searched all over for the answers simply too come up with nothing except empty promises.


But, having suffered from and acne problem at one time myself, I have found a way to defeat acne and let my true skin shine! Now I am going to show you!

This is a 3 step plan for anybody treat acne fast. No matter how bad or how minor. For maximum results, do not skip any steps!

1. Face Wash

First, you need to find a face wash that is right for you. You do not have to buy the most expensive product to get the best results! Some of the best facial cleansers are at your nearest drugstore. If you have sensitive skin, make sure your face wash is gentle. Make sure that you are not using body wash or pure soap!

Face wash_01

These products were not made especially for your face so they will not be as affective and they will irritate your skin! Once you find a face wash that is right for you, make sure you wash your face very thoroughly two times a day. When you wash, make sure you apply soap and rinse two times.

2. Hydrate.

This step is very important! A lot of acne treatments and even acne face washes dry out your skin. So make sure you do not just put lotion on your face. Make sure you drink eight cups of water a day! This will help a lot more than just your skin as well!

3. Spot!

The best thing to get rid of acne is spot treatment! And you do not have to order Proactiv to get results! There is a drugstore brand called OXY that I recommend very much. It is only five dollars or less and works very well over night!


OXY also sells a face wash specifically for acne. I also recommend this from personal use. I have used OXY and have seen amazing results! But you can choose any spot treatment for acne that you want.

If you follow these three rules, you will see your acne vanishing in no time at all!

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I’m Saving Over $500 a Year on Skin Care

I expect that your jaw is probably already on the floor at the mere thought of someone spending $500 a year on skincare products, let alone saving $500 a year on such a vain expense. However, you’d be surprised at some of the confessionals I have read when it comes to the fairer sex and what we spend on skin care products each month and each year.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for many women to drop $400 a month, or even $4,500 a year to feed their own egos — I mean, egos get hungry — when it comes to all things beautiful skin and anti-aging.

Chemical Peel

So what do I spend and how much do I save?

On average, I spend no more than $60 a month on skin care products — post savings. This includes my anti-aging eye cream, argon oil, chemical peels, neutralizers, microdermabrasion (home treatment), tinted day creams, night cream and a healthy helping of vitamin E — because if you want beautiful skin, you need to start from the inside out.

And I’m not just throwing money at cheap, quick and dirty drug store solutions either, I’m investing in the good stuff. Now, I’ll bet you will want to know how I save as much as I do, spend so little and still have great skin. Well, hold on to your hats, because the way I do this might just blow your mind.

Shopping Portals

If you are a self-professed diva like me, you need to use a shopping portal. My ‘weapon of choice’ is E-bates. I can shop CVS, Sephora, Walgreens, Avon, Clinique, Wal-mart and even dot com titan from the comfort of my pajamas on a Sunday morning and get deals and discounts galore.

First, I look for the free shipping options, then I evaluate which stores have the best prices and who just happens to be offering the highest cash back amount that day. For example, when I was buying my argon oil, Sephora had it for $48, and was offering 12 percent cash back, whereas was offering the same product for $14.99 with 4.5 percent cash back.

Obviously, Amazon bargain basement price and cash back won hands down. By rinsing and repeating this strategy, I save big all the time, on things I’d be buying anyway.


Even More Cash Back

When I pay for my purchases, I use my cash back credit card, which pays me two to five percent cash back on each and every purchase I make. Then, I pay off that cash back credit card by calling in a payment with my cash back debit card — which pays me two percent cash back.

All in all, I earn massive amounts of cash back rewards between these three methods each month, serving up some big skin care savings and a big smile from me.

Whether you’re a Philosophy junkie, a Clinique disciple or an apostle for Avon, everyone likes saving money, and now that you know how I do it, you can do it too.

What’s your skin care savings style?

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A Review of Obagi Rosaclear Gentle Skin Cleanser

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that afflicts many fair-skinned people. Symptoms include a flushed face, pimples, burning or stinging when applying lotions or medicines to the skin, tiny red veins on the surface of the face and dry, red, irritated eyes.

It is important to see a dermatologist for medical treatment of this skin condition. There are a number of things that can trigger rosacea flare-ups. This includes exposure to sun, heat and exercise, as well as some foods and drinks.

Red Veins

Rosaclear by Obagi

I’ve been living with rosacea for a number of years and am always on the lookout for skin care products that help with this condition. Rosacea cannot be cured but it can be treated. I recently found a very gentle skin cleanser that will not dry or irritate my delicate skin.

This cleanser, Rosaclear Gentle Cleanser is made by Obagi and is part of their Rosaclear collection of skin care products.

I have been using this product for six months and have found it to be very effective at easily and gently removing make-up, even stubborn eye make-up. This product works well and never dries my skin.

The cleanser also calms inflammation associated with rosacea, reduces redness and blemishes as it hydrates the skin. It is also non-comedogenic

Not only is this product excellent, it is also inexpensive to use. The cost online at Amazon is only $13.50 and because it takes such a small amount of product to do the job, a 6.7 ounce bottle will last a very long time. I purchased my bottle of skin cleanser 6 months ago and have used only half a bottle so far.


Other Rosaclear Products

Obagi makes a complete line of skin care products just for the control of rosacea. I have used both the Skin Cleanser and the Hydrating Complexion Corrector. They also offer Skin Balancing Sun Protection with SPF 30.