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Should You Eat Soy for Weight Loss?

Can eating soybeans help you slim down? University of Illinois researchers hope so. They think they’ve found a way to enhance the fat burning potential of the modest soybean.

Eating Soy for Weight Loss:

It’s All in the Proteins?

Soybeans contain a variety of proteins including two called glycinins and beta-conglycinins. Researchers at University of Illinois discovered that eating soybeans that have a high ratio of beta-conglycinins to glycinins causes greater fat loss.

They made this discovery after feeding rats soy protein that contained different ratios of these two proteins – noting that rats that ate soy products higher in beta-conglycinins lost more body fat.


The researchers have even identified how beta-conglycinins cause fat loss. The block the action of an enzyme called fatty acid synthase which plays a role in the synthesis and storage of fat. When this enzyme is inhibited fat cells synthesize and store less fat.

Other studies in mice show that inhibitors of fatty acid synthase dramatically reduce appetite and cause significant weight loss. Using soy products that are high in beta-conglycinins could be a natural way to treat obesity.

Soybean Products for Weight Loss:

What the Future Could Hold?

Researchers are hoping that soy product manufacturers will be able to produce soy products that are high in beta-conglycinin proteins to help in the fight against obesity. They’re currently doing studies using beta-conglycinin-rich soy milk on humans – to say how much body fat they lose.

Soy products_01

Soy for Weight Loss:

Do Soy Products Have Other Weight Loss Benefits?

The best weight loss benefits may come from soy products that contain large amounts of beta-conglycinin, but eating soy foods for weight loss has other advantages. They’re high in protein which makes them feeling and satisfying, yet still low in calories.

Soy also has a low glycemic index which keeps blood sugars stable – to prevent hunger. Substituting soy for higher fat protein may be an effective strategy for losing weight.

Soybeans for Weight Control:

A Word of Caution?

Eating soy products is still controversial. Because soy contains phytoestrogens which have a weak estrogenic effect, soy foods may not be suitable for people who have breast cancer.

Soy isoflavones are also believed to affect an enzyme called thyroid peroxidase which synthesizes thyroid hormone – so it’s also not a good idea to eat soy if you have thyroid disease.

Soy for Weight Loss:

The Bottom Line?

Soy products with higher levels of beta-conglycinin could reach store shelves at some point in the future. Until then, eating soy products such as miso, tempeh, and tofu may still have benefits when it comes to weight loss.

Fat Loss

Weight Loss: The Easy Way!

Let’s face it: at some time in your life you have been unsatisfied with your body and you decided to go on a diet and shed some pounds. However, a month later, you’re standing on the scale and you still weigh the same.

You tried to count those calories and you tried find time in your busy schedule to exercise, but those chocolate chip muffins and that urge to sit in front of the TV and relax after a day of work were just too strong.

Despite what many people think, weight loss does not have to be a war with your body. You don’t have to cut all the calories and carbs in your meals in order to lose those extra pounds.


In fact, study has shown that if you restrict yourself too much in terms of what you eat, you’ll be much more likely to binge eat later and gain back all those pounds you lost and more. To all those who have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully, don’t despair.

You can lose weight and keep it off, and the best part is that you don’t have to feel hungry all the time. Below are several sample nutrition plans that will keep you satisfied and give you that flat tummy.

Meal Plan #1

For breakfast:

  • One cup of skim milk
  • One cup of Special K cereal
  • A fresh orange

Mid-morning snack:

  • A 100 calorie granola bar or a handful of nuts

For Lunch:

  • Two slices of whole-wheat bread
  • Two slices of thin-cut hard salami
  • A slice of reduced fat cheese
  • Some lettuce
  • An apple

For Dinner:

  • 3 ounces of cooked chicken (chopped into pieces)
  • 2 cups of lettuce
  • One tomato (sliced)
  • One red onion (sliced)
  • 2 tablespoons of fat-free dressing
  • Toss to make a delicious sald for yourself


Meal Plan #2

For breakfast:

  • One English muffin
  • One apple
  • One cup of skim milk

Mid-morning snack:

  • Half a cup of mixed fruit

For lunch:

  • Two slices of whole wheat bread
  • 1/2 cup of tuna salad
  • 1 cup of orange juice
  • 1 rice krispie treat

For dinner:

  • 4 ounces lean beef
  • 2 ounces grilled chicken
  • 1/2 cup rice
  • 1/2 cup green beans

Weight Loss Diet_01

Both of the above meal plans are high in nutrients and low in calories and fats. It is much easier to stick to a diet plan if you plan it out ahead of time. Give in to your cravings once a while to reward yourself for your good work instead of restricting yourself too much.

This will reduce the chances of binging later. It’s best to combine dieting with exercise. However, this does not mean that you have to run to the gym everyday and work out for two hours.

Little things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and getting up earlier in the morning to take a breath of fresh air outside will up your metabolic rate. Good luck!

Fat Loss

Blue Green Algae and Weight Loss

Like many of us our life’s have become so filled with our daily responsibilities we are unable to get enough sleep and we do not eat properly. A large percentage of us are over weight unhappy and are starving our bodies. Thats right we are literally starving our bodies. By eating food that has little or nothing in it.

This may not be a popular belief of the medical community but look at the symptoms of our society today. Clearly it may seem that if the general health of our society reflected our personal health we could be in trouble.

While many may have an abundance of food, most of the nutritional value of the food would seem to be minimal just by observing the people who are eating it everyday.

It would not really take any scientific study to come to the conclusion that after we eat a great looking and meal we are still hungry. When was the last time you had a meal and you were satisfied. thats what I am talking about ! Something is missing in the food. That being minerals.

Yes you can take mineral supplements and eating Blue Green Algae can be a great way to enhance you diet. Sure it has minerals, enzymes and many of the things that are now lacking in your diet.

Weight loss and maintaining your weight can be easier when you are eating a food that is packed full of good stuff your body is craving. Of course ask your doctor if you can take it, most will say its alright. You see I know for me that Blue Green Algae helps me maintain my weight, I have never been over weight.

Not because I restrict my intake or because I don’t eat certain foods. I eat what I want and I eat as much as i want. But I also eat Blue Green Algae that gives me the energy to burn off that triple scoop Banana Split. I normally don’t crave foods, if I want to eat ice cream its because it looks good and I haven’t had it in a while.

If you haven’t tried Blue Green Algae for weight loss before you may be surprised how you don’t really have to stop eating what you are eating now. You wont have to measure your portions. I just couldn’t eat as much after while, I didn’t want to eat so much food I couldn’t move.

Now I only take 2-6 750 mg caps a week. I seem to be more active and healthier than most of the people my age. I believe that Blue Green Algae may have something to do with it.